5 Upcoming Features you might see in next whats app update.

whatsapp new update
whatsapp new update

A day-to-day used tool in our life is getting updated with these cool new features. The owner of Facebook and whats app MARK ZUCKERBERG is now updating whats app with these new 5 Upcoming Features, you might see in next whats app update.

History of WhatsApp

Whatsapp was founded in 2009 by these two friends Brian Acton and Jan Koum. The idea of this app was to have a messaging app that would show messages next to status. After meeting a lot of new minded people and knowing the idea some people joined it.

In 2013 February it had about 200 million active users and it December the news was released that it reached 400 million active users. After his huge success, MARK ZUCKERBERG who was already the owner of Facebook took over the app WhatsApp also.

Features in the updated version of WhatsApp:

1. Cleaner collection format.

Cleaner collection format.
Cleaner collection format.

WhatsApp’s Apple form will be getting a cleaner collection design. With this new update, the texting stage will start assembling numerous photographs in a single air pocket on WhatsApp Chats.

Aside from this, WhatsApp will likewise show various pictures which are in the collection bubble.

2. Night Mode.

Night Mode
Night Mode

At present, WhatsApp is dealing with a night mode form of its stage. The new mode, reports states, “will be named the Night Mode and like Android’s Dark Mode will make the topic of WhatsApp dark”.

This Night Mode highlight will help cell phones with OLED boards to spare their battery life and furthermore be useful to clients eyes in faintly lit conditions

3. Profile picture insurance.

Profile picture insurance.
Profile picture insurance.

The Profile picture insurance highlight went live on Android and will be on Apple soon. The most recent element shields is its client’s profile picture from being downloaded by others.

Additionally, making this element watertight is the way that when the component is initiated, clients won’t most likely.

even take screen captures or screenshots of clients to other profile pictures.

In any case, WhatsApp clients can only download the gathering pictures of the other user.

4. THE QR Code.

QR  code.
QR code.

The QR code highlight will let WhatsApp clients add contacts to their phones by checking other clients’ WhatsApp QR codes.

When this component goes live, clients will get a one of a kind QR code which other WhatsApp clients can sweep and add to their contact records.

It is to be noticed that this element is as of now accessible on other applications. for example, WeChat.

5. Facebook Story Sharing.

Facebook Story Sharing.
Facebook Story Sharing.

Before long, the organization will enable its clients to share their WhatsApp announcements legitimately to Facebook Stories, which is very like how clients can by and by do with Instagram.

So as to do as such, WhatsApp will utilize Facebook’s information sharing API. At present, the element is being tried distinctly on Android.

This move would likewise approve reports that Mark Zuckerberg is quick to coordinate all the internet based life applications his organization claims – Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

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