Summer clothes
Summer clothes

As the temperature is increasing day by day not only girls but boys are also confused about what to wear on such a sunny day to impress all the ladies. So, here we have come with a solution of what types of clothes we should wear in summer.

Of course, guys don’t have so much of options for clothing and many of you must not even consider it but wearing the right clothes does impress your someone special!

So here are some tips for you if you follow it you definitely impress your girl.

wear light colour clothes.

Summer clothes
Summer clothes

Because you know that dark colour clothes absorb more sunlight and it keeps you warm in summer but when you wear light colour clothes it looks cool and fancy. Light colours clothes look simple and cool that’s why I suggest you wear light colour clothes.

Colours which in will go on you to look cool

  • blue
  • white
  • pink
  • light green
  • yellow
  • orange

Colours to avoid:

  • red
  • black
  • purple
  • grey
  • brown

Wear cotton chinos (pants)  rather than going for denim (jeans).

Summer clothes
Summer clothes

Cotton Chinos pants are lighter and soft which feel more comfortable in summer. Denim jeans are heavy and its clothes are thicker which keeps you hot and sometimes uncomfortable in summer.

Chinos pants have simple look and lightweight it comes with different types of light colours which looks great with light colours shirt.

Wear shots rather than jeans.

Summer clothes
Summer clothes

Some are worried about wearing shots in outside place and some have hesitation but trust me guys, if you want to look more handsome in summer than try wearing shots because it keeps you cool and looks simple.

But you need to clean your legs because when anyone sees you her first impression in your legs when you wearing shots. So, remember to clean your legs.

And the best part of wearing shots is Pair with dark colour shots with cool colour shirts.

Don’t go for cotton or silk shirts.

Summer clothes
Summer clothes

I know silk or cotton clothes are comfortable in summer but somewhere it too expensive and when I wear silk or cotton shirts it’s like chip-chip with sweat in summer that’s why I don’t like cotton or silk shirts.

Try linen( a type of cloth material) shirts. Linen fabric is a bit expensive but it lasts for 2-3 years. It’s obviously worth a try this summer and it not so expensive.


Summer clothes
Summer clothes

Of course, guys also have accessories to wear like watches and rings Try wearing  light and casual colour watches to look cool

Avoid wearing heavy colour watches and rings because it gives you a little professional look.

You can also add shades to compliment your look and it protects your eyes from UV rays and dust.

The final part of your look.

Summer clothes
Summer clothes

The one thing that is noticed by everyone “shoes”

Loafers and espadrille-style shoes are light weighted and very comfortable in summer and it keeps you cool in summers or it not so expensive.

But sneakers, boots and shoes are a little bit heavy which keeps your foot warm and feel uncomfortable in summers.

Always keep a handkerchief.

Summer clothes
Summer clothes

A handkerchief is important because in summer you have a lot of sweat in your body and face but if you have handkerchief you clean your face immediately and looks clean and girls will also impress with you when they see how much you keep clean yourself.

So, always keep a handkerchief with yourself so you won’t be sweating like a pig.

Do not go out without perfume.

Summer clothes
Summer clothes

The main and the final rule is perfume it is very important that you have a good perfume or body deodorant because it keeps away from the smell of sweat and girls will also impress with your good smell and Your aroma enters the room even before you.

Be yourself!

Summer clothes
Summer clothes

Don’t feel conscious about your looks.

Be comfortable

The most important thing to wear in every season “ Never go anywhere without your attitude”

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