Priya Prakash Varrier New Movie.

Priya praksh varrier
Priya praksh varrier


Obviously, you are because in our India mostly all boys are a fan of her some of them having crush also or why not she is beautiful and the Queen of winking everyone in India is a fan of her winking that’s why she is a famous girl in India and she got millions of followers over a night and right now she has 6.9 million followers.

Now if you are a true fan of the PRIYA PRAKASH VARRIER then there is a piece of great news for you that is a new Bollywood movie signed by the queen of winking.


The winking sensation of India PRIYA PRAKASH VARRIER who got viral because of the social media in one day who was also in the movie “Shridevi Bengalo” is all set for signing her next Bollywood.

About Movie.

According to the resources, the name of the movie is “LOVE HACKERS

According to Prakash Shrivastav, this film will be a crime serial. The shooting of the film will be started from the ending week of May in the beautiful scenario of  Mumbai, Gurugram, streets of Delhi and Lucknow.

She also spoke about her first wink in an interview of tablets newspaper that.

“The idea of the scene was to do something really cute and there were just discussing about the wink and it accidentally came to the producer mind to do the winking part and this is how the whole ideology of winking came into action.”

She also mentioned in the interview that “Our whole team had absolutely no idea that this particular scene will become a trend in India and I especially will become the winking sensation overnight in such a short span of time.”

When she was asked about her recent film she mentioned that.

“This is my second Bollywood movie and the movie basically depicts the negative side effects of the cybercrime world. I am playing the lead role in the movie and my in the movie my life gets in the circumstances from where it is impossible to get out but somehow I manage to get myself out of these circumstances with the help of my intelligence and hard work.”

This movie has got to learn a lot to learn from especially for the female citizen of the movie.

We don’t know that when was this movie released we feel sorry for that and if you are not watched a trailer of this movie you can watch it below her.

Priya Prakash Varrier New Movie

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