Phone to Phone charging now possible in the World.

phone to phone charging
phone to phone charging

A very warm and heart touching news for all those people who are in love with their gadgets, especially phone lover and that is Phone to Phone charging is now possible now.

Are you someone who loves to use their phone every second and can’t keep your hands away from them even when it is charging.?

Here we have some absolutely good news for you guys I know this sounds like something crazy in your mind. Read this article to get full details about Phone to Phone charging is possible or not.

We are very much irritated with this low battery concept! Even with having the power bank we can’t use our phone 24*7.

Imagine while walking on the road and losing our phone battery. Very soon we won’t have to suffer from this problem.

The new invention

Very soon we will be provided with the greatest gift from technology. In this technology, we will be provided a data cable from which you can charge your phone from any other person’s phone and the main benefit of this is that the other person battery won’t be reduced.

Who is inventing this idea?

 inventing this idea
inventing this idea

According to the reports, This innovation is being created by a U.S based organization who is currently working on this project. The headquarter of this company is in London.

The quoted that “In the starting of 2020 this technology can be available everywhere in the world”.

And now Indians have must proud of them because this idea was also given by an Indian student in completion of NIF in 2017 but right now it is being developed by the US.

You can also check the innovation of young talented minds of our country on a platform National Innovation Foundation

The link of the website –

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