Kabir Singh full movie 2019

Kabir Singh Full Movie
Kabir Singh Full Movie

Kabir Singh full movie guys! Are you also a rom-com addict and waiting for the recently released the super-duper hit romantic movie “ Kabir Singh”

About the movie

The Sandeep Reddy Vanga movie is a rom-com entertainment for all the love birds out there.

The movie is all about Kabir Singh a medical student who would go beyond anything for his love. It starts with the medical college where Kabir is in the final year of his MBBS career and Preeti has just started with her medical profession.

As he sees her, he falls in love with her in the very first sight. The story then runs with a little bit of cuteness and love of these two but then he ends up with his final year and the distances come in between these two but they still stay connected to each other as true love has nothing to do with the distances!

After completing the graduation Preeti decides to tell about Kabir to her parents and it didn’t end well. The mutual efforts could not let them stay together as Preeti’s parents do not like Kabir and get her forcibly married to some other person.

Kabir in between gets addicted to drugs and alcohol and tries to destroys himself not knowing that he will soon get his love.

In the end, he sees Preeti in a park sitting very quietly and upset, as he gets to her she told him everything and they decide to be together. Everything ends well!!!

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Reviews on the movie:

The movie is absolutely loved by all as and it also got rs133.13 crore in his first week.

Of course, both of them Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani has done a fabulous job.

You can also see people reactions to it:

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