Is playing PUBG Mobile Dangerous or not.

PUBG mobile
PUBG mobile

Is PUBG Mobile Dangerous Or Not? Well, we all know that online gaming is increases rapidly. Especially in India PUBG Mobile is more trending topic and addiction to children and adults also. Mostly teenage students love this game

Also by playing this PUBG Mobile game, they decide to take gaming as a profession.
In India people left their jobs taking gaming as a profession. Students and adults can’t remember their work while playing this game even they have started compromising with their meals and other important work. They don’t sleep properly due to this addiction.

PUBG mobile
PUBG mobile

Most teenage started playing PUBG Mobile live in youtube and other social media platforms. They think that they might start earning money by playing this game but only a few of them get success. We all have heard some good or bad stories about this game. But the bad stories are more about this game that’s why PUBG Mobile has been banned in some states of India.
We know that addiction to anything in this world is dangerous for us. Taking online gaming as a profession is not a good idea for your teenager. games are only for our entertainment purposes not for the career.

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