Government Distribute free Laptops to Haryana Boards.

government distribute Free laptops
government distribute Free laptops

hello, guys, it’s a big update for Haryana people that Government Distribute free Laptops to Haryana Boards Medhavariyo this is really big and happy news for Haryana’s people.

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In 2014 the government of bhajpa promised to give away free laptops to students but were unsuccessful. This time the Manohar laal has promised the same to the students studying in Haryana board.

Will it become successful this time that Government Distribute free Laptops. let’s find out


 Manohar laal khattar
Manohar laal khattar

Before representing themselves in Chandigarh election Manohar laal government is distributing free laptops to the students studying in medhavi.

Coming 3rd of July is going to be lucky for the 600 medhavi students who are studying in Haryana board because these 600 students will get free laptops from the government.

It should be noted that previously bhajpa government also promised students who were in merit to gift a laptop.

The government also promises to distribute laptop to those students who will be at the top of the merit list in 10th Haryana board of the year 2016-17, 2017-18, 2018-19.

The government also promises that the top 25 students of Haryana board will be receiving laptop by CM MANOHAR LAL. The laptop distributing ceremony will take place from 11 am onwards in Panchkula.

In this ceremony, the Panchkula, Kurukshetra, Yamunanagar and awala district will be present other than that Uttar Pradesh

top 25 students will also be gifted with the laptop.

All the other district of Uttar Pradesh will receive laptop from the DC.


Dr Rakesh Gupta (secondary education teacher) has sent a letter to all those  Principles who have worked and made all the arrangements for this event successful. In the letter, he has thanked them with his warm heart and sent them his regards to everyone.

 11 AM ONWARDS CEREMONY IN PANCHKULA: District to bet laptops by 24th of July, DC to give away the laptops.

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