First Irani Boxing women.

Sadaf khadem
Sadaf khadem

Hello guys,

Sadaf Khadem is the first Irani Boxing Fighter women in the world.

On Saturday Sadaf played her first boxing match in France. 24 years vintage female who is going to fight within the boxing ring is the primary women of Iran who end up a Boxing female that is why she makes a record we are able to analyze from Sadaf.

The fight of Sadaf is only for Muslims countries this means that other country will open the gates for women to participate and playing international games.

We all know that women sacrifices all things but some countries are there in which women do not have complete rights but this girl inspires us and has the ability to change the thinking of a million people.

Her Struggle.

Sadaf khadem
Sadaf khadem

From 2 years Sadaf was practising very hard in Mountain of Tehran after that she saw a France Champion.

He came to Iran for promoting something after some time Sadaf contacted the France champion by social media for learning the art of Boxing but he refused.

After two months Irani federation opens the gates for women to participate in the sports game and playing international games.

This was not easy for Sadaf she needed a women coach and women refry. After some time the France champion saw her in some matches

he liked the hard work of a 24-year-old girl then he decided to take Sadaf to France with the help of the Sports Ministry.

Here are some lines from Sadaf.

Sadaf khadem
Sadaf khadem

“It took a long time and patience for the right time to come. My first match gives me a new path. I will try to give my best and I am sure that I will be able to write my name in First Irani Boxing women”.

I was really inspired by Sadaf because I love boxing and I also want to be a Boxer but my family and society can’t support me. My family thinks that sports give you nothing.

only study and books give you a good life which I disagree with. They can’t understand me that’s why I need to choose a different path but I am okay with it.

If you are facing this problem then do what you want to if you do love your work then do it no matter what your society think about it.

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