Should we apply kajal to babies?

eye kajal
eye kajal

Eye Kajal is safe for children’s.

A very warm welcome to all the ladies and mothers who are confused about applying eye kajal to their children’s or not.

Our Indian society perception

It is a major belief in India and also in some Egypt countries that applying kajal to the newborn babies and to babies till 5 years of age protects them from evils eyes (Buri Nazar) and also makes the eyes look bigger.

It this culture true?

There is absolutely no doubt that many Indian culture and beliefs are scientifically true and is also advantageous in some or the other way but this particular belief is false which is scientifically also proven not to be true because homemade kajal is made up of ghee, sandalwood, muslin cloth, fire in which a lot of lead is present which is harmful to your kid’s eyes and it does make the eye look bigger for a few seconds because the human eye pupil remains same from the time of birth to the death

Disadvantages of applying kajal to kids.

  • Causes irritation in their eyes
  • Excess of lead present
  • Might damage the eyesight
  • Chemicals might enter into the eyes
  • Eye infections may be caused.

How kajal is made up of?

eye kajal

Step 1:

Firstly, they take a small piece of muslin cloth and dip it in the sandalwood powder and let it dry for some time

Step 2 :

Secondly, they roll the muslin cloth to make a batti and add some ghee to it.

Step 3:

At last, the lamp prepared batti in a Diya. And then they take an almond and fire it keep it just a centimetre away from the batti . after that they collect the shoot in a spoon.

Which is later collected into a box and then applied in your eyes.

Let’s see what a doctor has to say about it.

Every paediatrician and dermatologist do not recommend kajal for the infant’s eyes or even to senior citizens as it is harmful to eyes and can cause many infections to oneself.

What is its alternative?

eye kajal

If you still believe in the Indian tradition that applying kajal keeps your baby away from the evil eye than instead of applying it in the eyes you can apply a small dot on its forehead which is same for your baby.

Conclusion: So here we come to our conclusion that applying kajal has many negative impacts rather than having positive impacts.

So concluded we should not apply even homemade kajal directly to the eyes and you can use the alternative to it if you want.

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